A bientôt New Jersey, hallo Deutschland!

This will be a quick note today, and a mixed one at that. On the plus side, I will be going on some exciting travel for awhile! On the downside, I will most likely not be posting for another three weeks – nor will I probably have time to surf my favorite blogs while I’m away. That’s a lot of cooking and baking to catch up on! I will miss you all!

Where will I be? Why, Deutschland, of all places! Ja, darling, ja! This will be a business trip, and I’ll be around Munich, Stuttgart, Nurnberg, and Regensburg. Bavaria, here I come! Pretzels, schnitzel, and beer, oh my …. My close friends know this is not my favorite fare, but I am a culinary adventurer at heart, so I’m not afraid to try new food – in fact, I’m rather excited to do so. When I return, I’m sure I’ll post photos and trip details; I’ve bookmarked a few good cafés, restaurants, and bars to visit, not to mention the usual tourist sites. There are sure to be a few good eats mixed in there!

So, please don’t miss me too much and wish me a bon voyage … we’ll catch up on the other side!


7 thoughts on “A bientôt New Jersey, hallo Deutschland!

  1. Wouldn’t you know it, I just got back and you’re hitting the road. I hope you have a wonderful trip and manage to get a little business done too:) Do let us know when you return and bring lots and lots of goodies back. Oh my gosh, three weeks seems terribly long:( We’ll miss you, nightowlchef:)

  2. Danke for the good wishes, ladies.

    Kate, that is precisely why I prefer speaking French (or Italian) … it just SOUNDS better!! Even though I’ve learned some German in the past two months in preparation for this trip, I’m still very, very glad that most Germans speak English, too!

  3. That’s so exciting! When you’re in Bavaria, I highly recommend trying their sweet mustard. It is SO delicious for dipping pretzels or smearing all over your bread.

    Have an amazing trip!

  4. Jerseycook – the sweet mustard was DELICIOUS! I highly enjoyed it during breakfast, lunch, dinner… My tummy was filled and re-filled with much delicious German food.

    I promise to post something soon!

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