Life’s little luxuries

What's that in my ice cream? Chambord, of course! And why not?!?

Sometimes in life you have to forget everything around you and just enjoy something that gives you a little pleasure. Sure, it’s decadent; sure, countless people have said “no, don’t eat that!” But….

Screw ’em. Sometimes you can’t – shouldn’t – pass up on life’s luxuries. To have a life is to live your life.

The truth is, there was some vanilla bean Häagen-dazs ice cream in my freezer left over from making cheater’s crème anglaise last night – so why not eat it up? Actually, I spiked the crème anglaise with Chambord liqueur, and it tasted so good – like raspberries grew on the vine with vanilla beans and were distilled with cream – that this afternoon I figured, while watching the men’s finals of the US figure skating championships, “hey, why not drizzle a tablespoon or two onto what’s left of the pint?” Why not, indeed?

The only reason I could think of why not to do so, besides the facts that I didn’t grow up eating ice cream and generally try to eat much healthier than scarfing ice cream in the middle of the day, is the calorie count on the label. Let’s just say it’s a good thing the stuff tastes so darned good to make the 270 calories per half cup worth it. Yikes. As if my hips needed more padding?! How will I flip and twist (at gymnastics, my preferred form of exercise) with that creamy fat being converted most assuredly to cellulite within a few hours?

It’s just a teacupful, I told myself. Go for it!

Really, I shouldn’t be caring, not after devouring a slice of Molly Wizenburg’s Winning Hearts and Minds (nearly-flourless) chocolate cake – which is dense, rich, and pretty good but not out of the this world, in my opinion – last night with some of the aforementioned raspberry crème anglaise spooned atop. You see, in return for my extremely talented and wonderful friend Damien restringing my guitar and wowing me with his superior strumming skills (I can play the equivalent of chopsticks on my guitar … he, on the other hand, is a revelation on both the guitar and the bass), I brought over sushi for dinner and baked him the chocolate cake for dessert. Damien, being a chocolate-loving Italian, inhaled the cake appreciatively, and I left with a fixed guitar. Not a bad night – in fact, a pretty great one!

P.S. Tonight’s dinner? Light and low-calorie … mais bien sûr!


6 thoughts on “Life’s little luxuries

  1. Fixed guitar for a chocolate cake. Sounds like a deal to me!

    I’m cringing a little because we have gelato often here–but then I tell myself that this gelato is made with milk instead of cream. That counts as healthy, doesn’t it?

    Life is short. Enjoy.

  2. The only thing stopping me from grabbing that little teacup is…..I can’t warm today for the life of me. Does warm hot cocoa with a bit of Chambord count??

  3. That’s so funny! I just blogged about Chambord cookies. Isn’t it the best? Love that deep berry flavor. One of my other favorites is Creme de Cassis. Have to try it over ice cream!

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