Lemony yogurt filled crepes with strawberries

I cooked up an indulgence on Saturday morning, although I tried to make it a bit healthier than its inspiration (Tyler Florence’s Lemon Ricotta Crepes). Surprisingly to me, it did in fact turn out to be absolutely delicious! I had a big craving for crepes, and the lemon filling in Tyler’s recipe sounded really tempting. However, I’m not a fan of ricotta cheese, so I decided to make a filling of yogurt and serve macerated strawberries on top, which were a last-minute addition because I bought the most flavorful strawberries (especially considering it’s March!) from the local farmer’s market store.

To make the crepes, I took a recipe from my Comfort Foods cookbook but substituted an egg white for the whole egg and trimmed a bit of the granulated sugar I was supposed to add. The texture and flavor weren’t remiss, so this is definitely a trick to use again. For the filling, I took some plain, nonfat yogurt that I’d had straining in the fridge for a day and added some powdered sugar (about 1 tablespoon per generous half cup of yogurt), lemon juice, and lemon zest. Then I simply filled the crepes and topped with strawberries. The flavor was incredible! It had a really light and refreshing taste … it was hard to put the fork down!

Crepes with lemon-yogurt filling and strawberries

Crepes with lemon-yogurt filling and strawberries

My plan for the next time I make these is to make chocolate crepes – by adding a bit of cocoa – and then making the filling possibly almond or vanilla flavored. Or, perhaps I can make it hazelnut or mocha flavored, if I ever pick up some hazelnut extract, by adding said hazelnut extract and a bit of espresso powder? The flavors would remind me of a really good Crowley mocha yogurt that I would indulge in occasionally when I lived in Montreal. I have a feeling those would be a disaster, though! We’ll see …


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