Spiced Pumpkin Soup, Easy Sticky Buns

This is perhaps the sorriest use for a Halloween pumpkin, and I cannot believe it’s taken me over three months to use my pumpkin; I was also surprised it was still good when I cut into it. Having thumbed through a Moroccan cookbook today at Barnes & Noble, I was inspired to use Moroccan spices in my soup. I sauteed some scallions and a garlic clove, then sprinkled in red pepper flakes (not having any harissa), paprika, coriander, and celery salt. I cooked this briefly into a paste in the pot, then added chicken stock and cubed pumpkin with enough liquid to cover. I brought it to a boil and simmered until the pumpkin was soft. I tasted the liquid and decided to add a bit of ground cloves and ginger, plus some salt and ground pepper. It was a pretty spicy soup, but tolerable – even after pureeing it with my motor boat. So, I nuked a few tablespoons of my goats milk and mixed it into my bowl; it made a pretty good flavor overall, even though it was quite hot on my throat! The texture was smooth, though, making a silky and filling soup. Next time (using the rest of the cubed pumpkin which is frozen in bags in the freezer right now) I’ll use the pumpkin as a base for another array of spices – another theme….

The final soup - boring looking yet delicious!

Soup at last: boring-looking yet delicious!

After dinner I decided to bake some of Ina Garten’s super easy sticky buns, which I saw her cook on her show last Saturday and have been dying to try ever since (my first time ever cooking – or eating – anything like sticky buns or cinnamon buns or whatnot…!). Actually, this is satisfying a sticky bun craving that I’ve had for the last few months. I’ve been wanting to bake them from scratch using a yeast dough, but this recipe used puff pastry and seemed easy – and it was surprisingly delicious! It was

Brown sugar and cinnamon rolled in the puff pastry, atop a brown sugar, butter, and pecan mixture.

Brown sugar and cinnamon rolled in the puff pastry, atop a brown sugar, butter, and pecan mixture.

quick and simple to put together with no problems, although if I make this again I’ll be sure to roll the pastry a little looser so the inner spirals have a bit more room to expand. They looked incredible right out of the oven, and they smelled and tasted even better than they looked – I ate two!  I really have no improvements on this recipe (odd that I followed a recipe to a T – except for omitting the raisins), but next time I try sticky buns I will use a yeast dough, since that is the traditional way. Overall, a decadent and delightful treat!

Warm, ooey, gooey, sweet, buttery, lovely sticky buns!

Warm, ooey, gooey, sweet, buttery, lovely sticky buns!


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