Pasta Alfredo a la Goat!

Tonight I decided to make one of the most cliche dishes ever, which is something I usually try to stay away from. But I had an inspiration last night of what to do with some of the goats milk I bought, but which didn’t turn out to be a straight substitute for regular milk. However, I figured it would be a great substitute for cream in pasta alfredo, making it a slightly more healthy dish (that and using whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta, a substitution I’ve been making for years). Plus, the goats milk would make it taste a bit like I’d added goat cheese. I started by melting unsalted butter and adding a generous pinch of flour to make a thin roux, cooking it for a minute in the pan. Then I added the milk and let it bubble and thicken for about two minutes before adding grated parmesan cheese (reserving a bit for the top). With just a few stirs it came together very smoothly, and a sprinkle of salt made it quite tasty. The end result wasn’t quite as goat cheese tasting as I assumed it would be – or hoped it would be – but it still had a unique and delicious flavor. Paired with an arugula salad, it was a yummy dinner!


Pasta alfredo, goat cheese style

Pasta alfredo, goat cheese style


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