Grated Apple Oatmeal

Breakfast:  I made a shortcut recipe from the book French Women Don’t Get Fat, which I’ve been enjoying reading for the past week or so (I could go on an on about that book, but I won’t here…). I made her grandmother’s recipe for oatmeal with grated apples, which called for a grated apple cooked down in a saucepan with lemon juice, then adding water and oatmeal, with a bit of butter and sugar added near the end. I adapted it by microwaving grated apple, skim milk, and cinnamon, then adding instant organic oatmeal. While this was delicious, next time I think I will microwave the grated apple with lemon juice, cinnamon, and a dash water, then I’ll add warmed milk, instant oatmeal, and a bit of butter. That should be even more delicious; I think the addition of the lemon will add a complimentary tartness. 

I can’t wait to cook more recipes straight from her book and adapt many others, including lentil soup (adding chicken sausage), chicken au champagne, clafoutis, chocolate mousse, baguettes, many of the fruit desserts, and vegetable soups, just to name a few. I definitely love French cooking and the French way of eating!


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