Italian Wedding Soup

Dinner: Made another “me-ized” version of a Martha recipe, from the December or January issue of Everyday Food. I made her Light Italian Wedding Soup, but made it better (of course). Instead of ground turkey, I used 10 oz 95% lean ground beef (just because I had some, not because I shunned turkey) and 6 oz crumbled roasted garlic chicken sausage. Therefore I nixed the garlic, and I used panko and herbs de provence (because I was out of the usual Italian bread crumbs).  I also added two stalks of celery, sliced with the onion as well as a sliced carrot (nuked for 3.5 minutes and its liquid added also) with the tomato. I only had about half of a 14.5 oz can of tomatoes, too, and used a carton of chicken stock and a bit of water instead of the chicken broth. Also, I didn’t add any swiss chard because I had none; I doubt whether it would have been good with it, anyways. Finally, when I added the meatballs I also added 6 oz (two links, the rest of the package) of the chicken sausage, in 1/2 inch slices. I was nervous that the meatballs wouldn’t cook in the few minutes there, because I’d never made a soup like this before, but it was really delicious! A bit of bread would have been great with this, a crusty or toasted bread since it’s a brothy soup, but I didn’t have any on hand. Overall, a fantastic soup – great taste, good flavor in the broth, and mostly filling. Yummy for winter!


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