Chocolate-Ginger Brownies

Baked: Chocolate-Ginger Brownies … Another Martha recipe, and I must confess that while the taste was pretty good and the texture was better, it seems like another legendary MS recipe disaster – another untested kitchen wonder. It was my very first time making brownies from scratch, so I was proud of my attempt. There will be many more! The good: moist and cakey, but not dry at all; evenly cooked; freeze and thaw well; rich chocolate flavor; easy to make; licking the bowl of melted chocolate and butter. The bad: too greasy, so I think I will use 3/4 of a stick of butter, or less; the chocolate flavor was dominated by the bittersweet taste, so I think next time I’ll do half bittersweet and half semi-sweet, or maybe even half dark, half semi-sweet; the spices in this recipe just weren’t strong enough to make a statement, and they almost seemed to muddy each other, so perhaps a touch of molasses would help, or just more spices; I exchanged the freshly grated ginger for chopped crystallized ginger, which was a mistake, as the flavor was wrong and the bits of ginger were off-putting. Overall it was a success for my first time, but the recipe needs tinkering with. I think next time I’ll either go completely chocolate and take out the ginger and spices, just maybe putting in a bit of cinnamon and some espresso powder to give some depth, or I’ll go completely spicy and do a molasses/gingerbread/spiced version that’s slightly more cakey. We’ll see. Either way I get to eat more brownies, so where’s the problem?!


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